Holy cow!

Holy Cow! is exactly what I thought when I received the assignment to make a styling inspired in Andy Warhol.

I started digging using google and I found amazing art made by him. Also I took a look to the Andy Warhol Fashion.

I kept thinking “HOLY COW” inside my head, his art is so colourful and full of life that awakes my senses.

One particular piece took my attention, don´t ask me why, it just did. 
So I decided to use it as my inspiration pic.

Andy Warhol – Cows

Once all the ideas were inside my head, I needed good stores to start searching for the perfect outfit.

With some lindens on my pocket, great advise from a friend, the search begun.

I´m not going to reveal how much time was I shopping, but I can say that shopping is one of the most relaxing things on life.

Holy Cow! Yes, I found the perfect clothes, jewelry, hair and makeup to give birth to the Andy Warhol Fashion Styling. 

Be my guest and enjoy it!

I´m wearing a sexy yellow assimetrical short dress from Virtual Diva. The dress has a very modern pattern with red, blue, white and black colours. It fits perfectly and accentuate my body. I choose Euphoria high heels from KC. They make your legs look very femenine and long. The jewelry is from two different stores, the earring are from Ghee, they give me the perfect 80s touch and the red bangles from Night Owl Designs create a wonderful set. To complete the style, I have light red hair from enVogue and a very colourful makeup from Veechi, }RC{, *GA* and SlackGirl that makes my face looks gorgeous.
Virtual Diva – Closer


GHEE – mod slicker

enVOGUE HAIR – Clarissa

::SlankGirl:: Sun
Veechi – Flat Mattes
}RC{ Simple inner eyeliners
*GA* Gaeline Creations Makeup Smoky Eyes

I hope you enjoy my journey into Andy Warhol Fashion as much as I did.


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