MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 2nd Runway Challenge

MISS  SL ♛  Argentina – 2nd Runway Challenge: You are Invated!

The Wedding Ceremony, at the St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle, at noon local time.

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Miss SL Argentina Onix Noir chose to attend the Ceremony at St. Georges Chapel, because this is going to be truly grand event. Being able to participate in a Royal Wedding Ceremony is an historic event, it is a moment that will remain forever in the memory of all of us.
Miss SL Argentina is wearing a knee-length dress with a matching jacket with a brooch, both made by herself for this special occasion. The dress and jacket have different shades of meadowlark, one of the trending tones for this season. She completed this outfit with the Beautiful Exploring of Vanity Fascinator by Ghee, Classic Jane Heels by Reign and tan tights by Paintbox. She is also wearing the Solstice jewelry set from Chop Zuey. The makeup is from her own brand, ALMA Makeup, Sophie eyeshadows and Babygirl lipstick..



Onix Noir – Meadowlark Dress (custom made)
Onix Noir – Meadowlark Jacket with brooch (custom made)
*Paintbox* Designs – Pantyhose Applier Traditional
REIGN – Classic Jane Heels


Ghee – Beautiful Explosion of Vanity Fascinator
Chop Zuey – Solstice Earrings
Chop Zuey – Solstice Cuff
Chop Zuey – Solstice Ring


Tableau Vivant – Mood


ALMA Makeup – Sophie (eyeshadows)
ALMA Makeup – Babygirl (lipsticks)
Alme. – Essential Pale B (nail polish)


                       Onix Noir

MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 1st Runway Challenge

MISS  SL ♛  Argentina – 1st Runway Challenge: Vogue

Vogue Germany – April 2017 Cover

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Miss SL Argentina 2018 was inspired by Madonna April 2017 Vogue Deutsch cover. Onix believes Madonna is a very strong woman and on this cover you can see her powerful eyes looking to you. Her eyes show a beautiful, independent person who is able to go through life moving foward in each step of the path. She is unstoppable.
Onix styling is inspired in Madonna because she is able to wear very feminine clothes like bodysuit on her live presentations and wears suits with a little masculine influence on several public appearances.
Miss SL Argentina is wearing a black coat dress with dark tights and classic Jane heels. She completed the outfit with short gloves and a very modern undercut.



Valentina E. – Bridget Coat Dress
REIGN – Classic Jane Heels
Ghee – Essential Tights


Izzie’s – Short Leather Gloves


Tableau Vivant – Undercut


ALMA Makeup – All Black Liners
ALMA Makeup – Sweet Lipsticks



                                  Onix Noir

The Noir Kids

Alma and baby Onix

Alma is wearing Bea Dress by Baby Ghee. The dress comes in Sea, Iris, Mauve, Moss, Rose and Sky. Alma is wearing the Moss colour. This dress have kid and baby TD sizes.

This dress is available at Designer Showcase, March Round.

Desiger Showcase, Taxi: click here

Baby Onix is wearing Alice by Baby Ghee in Sand. It also comes in:Lavander, Poppy and Arcadia. This dress has baby TD size. You can find it at SENSE Event, March Round.

SENSE Event, Taxi: click here

After the events, you will find the dresses at Ghee Mainstore.

Ghee Mainstore, Taxi: click here


              Onix Noir




MISS SL ♛ Argentina 2018 – Ñambi, The Protector of Life

FIRST PHOTO CHALLENGE: MISS SL ♛ Argentina 2018 – Ñambi, The Protector of Life

Name: Ñambi, The Protector of Life
Family: descendent of Tupâ, Supreme God of The Guaranies.
Type: Heroin
Abilities: Immortality, Healer, Streght
Weaknesses: Poison of the Moñái demon and weapons made with his skin.
Weapons of choice: Fight melee and two Cavalry Sabers.
Location: Iguazu Falls at Misiones, Argentina.

Ñambi, Daughter of Porãsy, grand daughter of
Taú and Keraná, the first man and woman on earth, great grand daughter of Tupâ, Supreme God of The Guaranies.
Her mother was the Goddess of Beauty and was the strongest women. Porãsy sacrified herself to redeem mankind from her seven evil brothers. When she died and her soul ascend to heaven, she created her daughter Ñambi, The Protector of Life. She sent her daughter to the waterfall Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat), located in Iguazu Falls, Argentina. In there Ñambi keeps the gates of evil.
Ñambi main mission is to fight agaist demons that wants bring death to all creatures.
Porãsy gave Ñambi 3 gifts: Immortality, the ability to heal others and streght.
Ñambi likes to fight with her bare hands and since 1810 she uses two Cavalry Sabers.
She is immortal, however, a profecy says that she can be kill only with poison of The Moñái demon or weapons made of his skin. Moñái was the demon who was buried alive with her mother. This demon was her uncle. The Moñái skin and poison a very rare but are rumors that his decendents have it on their blood.

Styling Description:

Wicca – Visenya dress
Wicca – Visenya Visenya collar
Noble Creations – Goddess Artemis bracer
Bokeh – Abuk necklace
Astralia – Muerte collar
Lassitude & Ennui – Bernardotte boots

Scarley Fey – Elven Swords

EMO-tions – Troy

ALMA Makeup – Africa I Face Tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Africa Lips (recolor custom made)

Zibska – Rallen (arms)
Stardust – Aelinor (legs)


                              Onix Noir


98 Baby Ghee DS March 18

Alma is wearing Bea Dress from Baby Ghee. The dress comes in Kid and Baby sizes. It fits TD bodies.

It is availables in several colours: Sea, Iris, Mauve, Moss, Rose and Sky.

The Bea Dress can be found at Designer Showcase – March 2018 until March 31st, then it will be at Ghee Mainstore.

Designer Showcase, Taxi: click here

Ghee, taxi: click here