MISS SL ♛ Argentina 2018 – Ñambi, The Protector of Life

FIRST PHOTO CHALLENGE: MISS SL ♛ Argentina 2018 – Ñambi, The Protector of Life

Name: Ñambi, The Protector of Life
Family: descendent of Tupâ, Supreme God of The Guaranies.
Type: Heroin
Abilities: Immortality, Healer, Streght
Weaknesses: Poison of the Moñái demon and weapons made with his skin.
Weapons of choice: Fight melee and two Cavalry Sabers.
Location: Iguazu Falls at Misiones, Argentina.

Ñambi, Daughter of Porãsy, grand daughter of
Taú and Keraná, the first man and woman on earth, great grand daughter of Tupâ, Supreme God of The Guaranies.
Her mother was the Goddess of Beauty and was the strongest women. Porãsy sacrified herself to redeem mankind from her seven evil brothers. When she died and her soul ascend to heaven, she created her daughter Ñambi, The Protector of Life. She sent her daughter to the waterfall Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat), located in Iguazu Falls, Argentina. In there Ñambi keeps the gates of evil.
Ñambi main mission is to fight agaist demons that wants bring death to all creatures.
Porãsy gave Ñambi 3 gifts: Immortality, the ability to heal others and streght.
Ñambi likes to fight with her bare hands and since 1810 she uses two Cavalry Sabers.
She is immortal, however, a profecy says that she can be kill only with poison of The Moñái demon or weapons made of his skin. Moñái was the demon who was buried alive with her mother. This demon was her uncle. The Moñái skin and poison a very rare but are rumors that his decendents have it on their blood.

Styling Description:

Wicca – Visenya dress
Wicca – Visenya Visenya collar
Noble Creations – Goddess Artemis bracer
Bokeh – Abuk necklace
Astralia – Muerte collar
Lassitude & Ennui – Bernardotte boots

Scarley Fey – Elven Swords

EMO-tions – Troy

ALMA Makeup – Africa I Face Tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Africa Lips (recolor custom made)

Zibska – Rallen (arms)
Stardust – Aelinor (legs)


                              Onix Noir

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