MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 3er Runway Challenge and 2nd Photo Challenge


NEO means new, is the path from the old to the rebirth. Neo is evolution.
MISS SL Argentina 2018 chose from Neo Japan: the Airo Geta shoes by .Shi, Mei Hair by Tableau Vivant, Tunderstrike Rings and Nails by E.A. Studio and Samurai 03 tattoo from K-artisis. The Airo Geta shoes are a mix of antique and new. The hair is short and was unthinkable that women wore hair like this in the past, so this is a Neo detail for the styling. The Samurai tattoo and Tunderstrike Rings and Nails is also a very modern.
MISS SL Argentina 2018 is also wearing Hakuya liquid coat and suit from R2, the Essential Thong by Ghee and the Dragon Earrings by Wicca´s Wardrobe. She completed the styling with Kumadori face tattoo and Africa red lipstick (custom recolour) both from her own brand ALMA Makeup.

Styling Info:

Designers from Neo Japan:
.Shi – Airo Geta (shoes)
Tableu Viant – Mei Hair
E.A. Studio – Tunderstrike Ring and nails
K-tarsis Tattoo – Samurai 03

Other Designers:
R2 – Hakuya Liquid (coat)
R2 – Hakuya Suit
Ghee – Essential Thong
Wicca´s Wardrobe – Dragon Earrings
ALMA Makeup – Kumadori face tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Africa red lipstick (custom recolour)




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