MISS VIRTUAL DIVA – Official Presentation

MISS VIRTUAL DIVA - Onix Noir - Official Presentation

I´m wearing the Succulent Gown, it was made with the Elite Gown by Virtual Diva and the Secret MVD ornaments. I completed the outfit with the Hydra Rings by Absolut Vendetta, the Honey Whiskey hair by Magika, the All Blacks eyelines and Paez lipsticks by ALMA Makeup. The nail polish is Windlight by Alme.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Elite Gown
Virtual Diva – Secret MVD
Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Rings
Magika – Honey Whiskey Hair
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks (eyeliners)
ALMA Makeup – Paez (lipsticks)
Alme. – Windlight nails

Why did you choose that name for your gown?
I name the Gown Succulent beacause the little silver flowers I did have a shape similar to this plants.

What was your inspiration?

I was inspired by Emma Robert dress at the Golden Glodes 2018. The dress is very simple and beautiful, so I decided to add some silver ornaments. To do so I edited the Secret MVD that came in the box and create flowers with it and use a metallic texture on them. I added the ornaments on the upper part of the dress and my hair.





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