MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 5th Runway Challenge


In the year 2068, Pierrots left behing the white and black clothes and start wearing colourful outfits. However, they keep their sensitive, melancholy and solitary soul. Also Pierrots still express themself with pantomimes.
MISS SL ♛ Argentina chose the primary colour red and combine it with yellow, blue and white. MISS SL ♛ Argentina’s Pierrot is inspired in the slowly and subtly movement of a ballerina and you can see the melancholy and sensitive soul into her eyes.

MISS SL ♛ Argentina is wearing Tina dress by Ison with the Party Popper Skirt by Boudoir. Her hands are Dolly Hands by Cureless and the eyes are Fantasy Blind eyes applier by Pout!. She completed the styling with Tinker Legwarmers by Blueberry, Bioluminescence headress by Taliesins, Shinya Ballet shoes by Azoury and the Bethany C string by HH. She is also wearing the Sine V tattoo and Ariad Collar from Zibska. Her makeup is Chess face tattoo and Moth lipsticks, both of her own brand ALMA Makeup. The final touch is given by the Partiple Ring: Digital by Bloodstorm.


Ison – Tina Dress
Boudoir – Party Popper Skirt
Cureless – Anatomic Doll / Dolly Hands
HH – Bethany C-String
Blueberry – Tinker Legwarmers
Azoury – Shinya Ballet Shoes
Taliesins – Tails Deepest Oceans Bioluminescence headress
Pout! – Fantasy Blind eyes applier
Zibska – Ariad Collar
Zibska – SineV tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Chess face tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Moth lipsticks
Bloodstorm – Partiple Ring: Digital



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