MISS SL ♛ 2018 – Press Presentation

Miss SL ♛ Argentina inspired the styling in a modern Geisha. She choose the Miyabi patterm because is classy and femenine. Also the flowers on the patterm gives the outfit a spring touch which is perfect for this time of the year.

Miss SL ♛ Argentina is wearing the Beni Kimoni and Geta Strap Boots by Gabriel in the colour Miyabi. She is also wearing Lab 004 hair by booN with the gold and pearl Satine Headdress by Ity with the Mexico Roses by LODE. She completed the styling with jewelry, Miyabi by Mandala, her makeup is Geisha by ALMA and Windlight nailpolish by Alme.

Judge Roman Godde: Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this title?

Miss SL ♛ Argentina:  I´m the best candidate because MISS SL has to be creative, talented and beautiful. Being beautiful is not only in the outside, it also means have internal beauty.
I will do my best to represent Miss SL and improved every day. Being Miss SL is an honour and is very challenging for my life. I will persevere and learn in every step of the way and will try to inspired everyone around me to make SL a better place.
Also the Miss SL Organization is very important, they taught me how to be inspired in every challenge and be a better person so it will be an honour to represent them as Miss SL.

Styling Info:

Gabriel – Beni Kimono (Miyabi)
Gabriel – Geta Strap Boots (Miyabi)
booN – Lab.004 (hair)
Ity – Satine Headdress
LODE – Mexico Roses
Mandala – Miyabi
ALMA Makeup – Geisha
Alme. – Windlight nailpolish



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