MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 3rd Photo Challenge

3rd Photo Challenge – Animal Couture

The Andinian Condor live in the Andes Mountain. It is one of the biggest bird in the world. They are mostly blacks but they have a white collar around their necks.
When a condor is ready to die, it goes to the upper mountain and replies its wings and with total decision throws itself to the precipice, leaving in the hands of the sky and its capricious winds, its final destiny.
It is said that they don´t die, after throwing itself to the precipice they go back to its nest where its gets ready to reborn.

Styling Info:

Chiffon Couture – The Blacks 7 Dress
Azul – Iolanda Fur Shawl
Boudour – Black Angel Magical Wings
Laville – Feathers Boa
Chop Zuey – Mblieu Ear Cuffs and Bracelts with Claws
Tableau Vivant – Punky Hair
ALMA Makeup – Hela eyeshadows
ALMA Makeup – Glossy Blacks lipstick



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