MISS SL ♛ 2018 – Finale – Part 1


Miss SL Argentina is wearing the colours of her National Flag and Emblem.
The National Flag is made of three horizontal stripes of equal size, the upper and lower stripes are light blue while the middle one white. In the center of the white stripe there is a sun with a human face.
The National Emblem has colour blue on the upper part and white on the lower one. A rising sun and the Frigio hat among other important symbols.
The blue represents justice, loyalty, fraternity and truth. The white colour means purity, obedience, integrity, faith and steadiness.
The sun on Miss Argentina 2018´s back represent the Sun of War which also represents the birth of a new Nation. Finally the Frigio Hat in red stands for Freedom, another of the essential values in the Argentine society.

Miss Argentina is wearing the Ivyana dress and Katana Wings by Lyrical Bizarre, both textured by herself. She is also wearing Working The Nebula Star Fascinator and Pins by Chop Zuey. Her jewelry are the Osenbei Necklace and Haramita Bangles, both from Mandala. Miss Argentina is wearing the Eloise eyeshadows and Luv Lipstick by her own brand, ALMA Makeup. Also she has the Regna Stiletto Nails by SlackGirl
and her hair is from BooN.

Styling Info:

Lyr!cal Bizarre – Ivyana II, custom texture by Miss Argentina 2018 Onix1997
Lyr!cal Bizarre – Katana Wings, custom texture by Miss Argentina 2018 Onix1997
Chop Zuey – Working The Nebula Star Fascitanor
Chop Zuey – Working the Nebula Star Pins
Mandala – Haramita Bangles
Mandala – Osenbei Necklace
booN- Raised Hairbase Mesh
SlackGirl – Regna Stiletto Nails
ALMA Makeup – Eloise eyeshadow
ALMA Makeup – Luv lipstick




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