MVD – Final – Part 1

The Fantasy Angels

I inspired in the streght of Nature, the flower’s perfurm relax your body and make you feel sexy and beautiful.

I´m wearing the Queen Lingerie and Wings from Virtual Diva Couture. The Sakura head dress by Boudour make the perfect match for this styling. I completed the outfit with Eden Arm Vines by Caverna Oscura, the Mblielu necklabe by Chop Zuey, Kendal Heels by Reign and Dangerous Woman hair by Flix x Besson.
The makeup is from my own brand, ALMA Makeup, I´m wearing All Blacks eyeliners and Sweet lipsticks.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Queen Lingerie
Virtual Diva – Queen Wings
Boudouir – Sakura head dress
Caverna Oscura – Eden Arm Vines
Reign – Kendall Heels
Chop Zuey – Mblielu Necklace
Flite x Beson – Dangerous Woman Hair
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks
ALMA Makeup – Sweet Lipsticks



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