Pride Festival – We are Fire – June 2020

On June 27th, 2020 I participated in the Pride Festival Fashion Show. The categories on the Show were Miss, Mr & Individual Pride 2020. I was in the Individual Pride category.


Each participants had to create 3 stylings: Wasteland Desert, Freak Show and Formal Sci Fi.


Wasteland Desert

Description: “Desert Wasteland: For Desert Wasteland, I inspired in the movie Mad Max. Both leading character on the movie, have very strong personality and they do whatever they need to survive and keeping going. That is why the clothes I chose are confortable enought to ressist the desert and fight against evil. This outfit represent the fight that everyone has to endure every day. Life can be hard, but if you fall, you need to get up and try again.”

Stying Info:

Luas – Wasteland Top
NC – Alaska Warrior – Pants
NC – Alaska Warrior – Leg Bag
P.O.E. – Wayfarer Fantasy Belt
Wicca Originals – Omega Arms
L´Emporio&PL – Ligamentum
L´Emporio&PL – Cryptor Boots
Exile – Know Hair
ALMA Makeup – Broken facetattoo


Onix Noir - Freak Show
Freak Show

Description: “Freakshow is about monsters, maybe the darkest part that each one of us have. I chose Medusa for inspiration. Medusa is a mytological creature, that can´t be seen, because if you look into her eyes, you will turn to stone. I won´t turn anyone into stone, but I hide inside me, is very difficult for other to really see me. Most of the people who looks into my eyes, see a cold and stone person. Only a few know how my heart really is, only a few knows how warm can it be.”

Stying Info:

Luas – Melina Bra
Mossu – Temptress Panties
Azul – Ulla Skirt
PFC – Snake Sleeves
Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Shoes
Fika – Mecha Cobra
HANDverk – Medusa Hair
Shahmaran – Ground Serpent
CST – Medusa Silver Skin
ALMA Makeup – Hela eyeshadows
ALMA Makeup – Glossy Blacks Lipsticks

Credits: Irritums Resident


Credits: Pride Event


Onix Noir - Formal Sci Fi
Formal Sci Fi

Description: “Sci fi Formal: For my Sci Fi Formal, I inspired in geometrical shapes, like rectangles, triangles & polygons. Also the fabric of the clothes are important, that is why I chose a dress that is mostly made of acrylic and metals. I created a futuristic look and added to my avatar some cyborg parts. Why added the cyborg parts? Because we need to evolve every single day, we need grown, became better and learn survive.”

Stying Info:

R2 – Seiga Cover
R2 – Seiga Bra
R2 – Seiga Bottom
Asteria – Chaton Skirt
Shu Mesh – SM-H Heart
Mandala – Haramita Earrings
Vanity Hair – Glittering Heights
PSYCHO:Byts – cyberImplants
Prometheus Creations – Cyber Eyes
ALMA Makeup – Nova eyeshadows
ALMA Makeup – Babygirl lipsticks

Credits: Pride Event

I really enjoy my time on the Runway, I´ve been out of SL for some time, so modelling again was important and more important being part of the Pride Festival.

After the judges deliberated they chose the winners on each category. Let meet them:


Miss Pride Sequane Lisa (Sequeane) – Credits: Pride Event
Miss Pride Sequane Lisa (Sequeane) – Credits: Irritums Resident


Mr Pride Nico Reignn Sorbet (boyzn.sorbet) – Credits: Pride Event
Mr Pride Nico Reignn Sorbet (boyzn.sorbet) – Credits: Irritums Resident


Individual Pride Onix Noir (OnixNoir.Peppermint) – Credits: Pride Event
Individual Pride Onix Noir (OnixNoir.Peppermint) – Credits: Irritums Resident

So YES! I WON!!! I´m very happy, I was able to win my category and now I´m Individual Pride 2020.

It was an amazing journey being part of the Pride Festival Show 2020 and I want to thanks all the Pride Festival 2020 Staff, Eva Artemisa, Lilly Cross (lillyoftheveil) & Willilicious (Willilicious Georgette)

If you wanna read more about Pride Festival and it´s legacy, click here


                          Onix Noir


MISS VD – 1st Challenge

Miss Virtual Diva – 1st Challenge – Papier Haute Couture

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva Couture – Angel Bride Wedding Gown
Zibska – Imke Skirt
Zibska – Trista Headpiece
Tableau Vivant – Mood (hair)
ALMA Makeup – Cubik (eyeshadow)
ALMA Makeup – Glossy Blacks (lipsticks)
Zibska – SineV Collar
Alme. – Essential Pale B (nailpolish)



MISS SL ♛ 2018 – 5th Runway Challenge


In the year 2068, Pierrots left behing the white and black clothes and start wearing colourful outfits. However, they keep their sensitive, melancholy and solitary soul. Also Pierrots still express themself with pantomimes.
MISS SL ♛ Argentina chose the primary colour red and combine it with yellow, blue and white. MISS SL ♛ Argentina’s Pierrot is inspired in the slowly and subtly movement of a ballerina and you can see the melancholy and sensitive soul into her eyes.

MISS SL ♛ Argentina is wearing Tina dress by Ison with the Party Popper Skirt by Boudoir. Her hands are Dolly Hands by Cureless and the eyes are Fantasy Blind eyes applier by Pout!. She completed the styling with Tinker Legwarmers by Blueberry, Bioluminescence headress by Taliesins, Shinya Ballet shoes by Azoury and the Bethany C string by HH. She is also wearing the Sine V tattoo and Ariad Collar from Zibska. Her makeup is Chess face tattoo and Moth lipsticks, both of her own brand ALMA Makeup. The final touch is given by the Partiple Ring: Digital by Bloodstorm.


Ison – Tina Dress
Boudoir – Party Popper Skirt
Cureless – Anatomic Doll / Dolly Hands
HH – Bethany C-String
Blueberry – Tinker Legwarmers
Azoury – Shinya Ballet Shoes
Taliesins – Tails Deepest Oceans Bioluminescence headress
Pout! – Fantasy Blind eyes applier
Zibska – Ariad Collar
Zibska – SineV tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Chess face tattoo
ALMA Makeup – Moth lipsticks
Bloodstorm – Partiple Ring: Digital



Delirium Nights

Virtual Diva – Delirium (Swank May Round)
Mosquito´s Way – Michelle (The Avenue May Round)

Vanity Hair – Gala

ALMA Makeup – Sharp (The Darkness Montly Event May)
YS&YS – Powder Lips (Powder Pack Lelutka May)

Sharp from ALMA Makeup are eyeshadows with detailed black liner for Lelutka, Catwa and Akeruka heads. It comes in six colours: black, syrah, red, purple, blue and black liner.

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(Photo from Virtual Diva’s Flickr)
Delirium from Virtual Diva Couture comes in black, white and red. It can be found at Swank Event.

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“When my earthly lifetime ends, please help me make the transition to the afterlife without fear”

Ph and Model: Onix Noir
Every angel needs big wings, I´m wearing the INU-YA black wings with the Ulla skirt from Azul to create this wonderful black wings. For a futuristic look,  I choose the Ghee Prawn This Way top. I add a tiny black shorts so my legs look longer and sexier. The Moubius shoes and the Sorrow Headwear from Azoury are the perfect accesories for this look, is a mix of pain and darkness. The Mbielu ears cuffs and specially the claw bracelets from Chop Zuey  gives an eccentric detail for this outfit. 
Ghee – Prawn This Way Top
-AZUL- Ulla Skirt
CHAMPAGNE! – Birdy Short

AZOURY – Mobius Ballet Shoes

AZOURY – Sorrow Headwear
INU-YA – blackwings

CHOP ZUEY – Mbielu Bracelet
CHOP ZUEY – Mbielu Ear Cuff

Avant Garde – Madeleine Vionnet

For the second part of my exam, the inspiraction designer is Madeleine Vionnet and the genre  is “Avant Garde”.

Avant Garde is something out of the box,  it may be characterized by nontraditional and aesthetic innovation.
It also  pushes the boundaries of what is accepted.

This is one of Madeleine Vionnet designs:
Ph: Onix Noir
Location: Telrunya Winter
I´m wearing a sexy satin red dress with black little flowers embrodery from AZUL.  The feather stole is perfect for winter and it gives me a very sophisticated look. Black shoes from Sonnata Morales and  The Scare My Silly Event ruby jewelry are classic details that make the outfit look perfect.
Dress and Stole:
-AZUL- Iolanda

Sonatta Morales *8*– Marion Shoes

Scare Me Silly Event – Bathory Ruby earrings and Necklace

enVOGUE HAIR – Clarissa