ALMA Makeup – Rors
Purfect – Mesh Beard
Speakeasy – The Light Tattoo

All products are available at The Men Jail Event February.

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Once the event finishes Rors by ALMA Makeup will be available at stores.

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                           Onix Noir



ALMA Makeup – All Blacks eyeliner
ALMA Makeup – CROIX lipstick
Exclusive for The Darkness Monthly Event August Round.

CROIX are metallic lipsticks with a golden cross pattern on the lower lip. It comes in 6 gothic colours and you can choose to wear it with or without the cross.

It is compatible with Catwa and Lelutka heads.

If you visit The Darkness Monthly Event, don´t forget to grab this eyeliners which are a gift and you can find them at the ALMA Makeup booth.

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BOWIE at SWANK Event August, soon!

Exclusive for SWANK August, Bowie from ALMA Makeup for Catwa, Lelutka and Akeruka Heads

BOWIE is a tribute to Ziggy Stardust who is David Bowie´s alter ego created in 1972.
This makeup will remind you to this iconic David Bowie’s creation.
The applier is comes with 6 colours alternatives. It is compatible with Catwa male and female, Akeruka male and female and Lelutka heads.

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Secret Garden

Virtual Diva – Reborn Dress
Virtual Diva – Reborn Hair Dress
Runway – May hair
Absolute Vendetta – Hydra Bento Rings
ALMA Makeup – Bad Romance (lipstick and eyeshadow)

Reborn Dress and Hair Dress from Virtual Diva can be found at SWANK Event July
Swank Event: Click here

Virtual Diva Mainstore: click here

Bad Romance from ALMA Makeup is 35%OFF at The Avenue August Event.
This makeup applier is compatible with Catwa and Lelutka heads. It comes with 5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks. The colour included are: Red, Burnt Orange, Purple, Mossy Green and Dark Grey.

Plum lipstick for Catwa and Lelutka heads is a free gift from ALMA Makeup that you can find at The Avenue Event.

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We wear makeup

ALMA Makeup – Basic Male Liners
L.C. – Heartbeat tattoo (exclusive for The Avenue Event)
No.Match – Yes! hair

Today, on my male avi, I´m wearing ALMA Makeup Male Basic Liners on Catwa Stanley head.
Basic Male Liners for Catwa heads has 3 types of eyeliners, each one comes in light, medium and dark, which makes a total of 9 liners to wear on your head.
ALMA Makeup
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Under the Rain

PinkRayne – Tiderlily Dress
Wren´s Nest – Eris Shape (Catya)
ALMA Makeup – Red vs Pink

I´m wearing Tiderlily Dress from PinkRayne, the dress comes in several colours: forest, dusk, river and ruby. It fits Maitrella, TMP, Slink Physique and Hourglass and also Freya, Isis an Venus.

Eris shape from Wren´s Nest for Catya heads comes comes with 3 options: proportional shape, curvy and tall. Also comes with 3 eyebrow shapes.

The Tiderlily Dress and Eris shape can be found at The Avenue Event with very important discounts.

The Avenue Event click here

The makeup I choose is called Red vs Pink and it is from ALMA Makeup. Red vs Pink for Catwa and Lelutka heads are 3 red lipsticks and 3 pink ones. Each lipstick comes with a perfect eyeshadow to fit it. You can always mix and match the different eyeshadows with your favourite lipstick.

Red vs Pink can be found at ALMA Makeup Mainstore and Marketplace

Mainstore click here
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Neon Basic Liners for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega compatible

Model: Sadira Rayna

The Neon Basic Liners from ALMA Makeup are on sale on the marketplace. There is 3 different appliers depending on your type of head: Catwa, Lelutka and Omega compatible.
These delicate liners can be use everyday and they will give a little colour to your eyes.

Model: Onix Noir 

Model: Sadira Rayna

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