“When my earthly lifetime ends, please help me make the transition to the afterlife without fear”

Ph and Model: Onix Noir
Every angel needs big wings, I´m wearing the INU-YA black wings with the Ulla skirt from Azul to create this wonderful black wings. For a futuristic look,  I choose the Ghee Prawn This Way top. I add a tiny black shorts so my legs look longer and sexier. The Moubius shoes and the Sorrow Headwear from Azoury are the perfect accesories for this look, is a mix of pain and darkness. The Mbielu ears cuffs and specially the claw bracelets from Chop Zuey  gives an eccentric detail for this outfit. 
Ghee – Prawn This Way Top
-AZUL- Ulla Skirt
CHAMPAGNE! – Birdy Short

AZOURY – Mobius Ballet Shoes

AZOURY – Sorrow Headwear
INU-YA – blackwings

CHOP ZUEY – Mbielu Bracelet
CHOP ZUEY – Mbielu Ear Cuff

Avant Garde – Madeleine Vionnet

For the second part of my exam, the inspiraction designer is Madeleine Vionnet and the genre  is “Avant Garde”.

Avant Garde is something out of the box,  it may be characterized by nontraditional and aesthetic innovation.
It also  pushes the boundaries of what is accepted.

This is one of Madeleine Vionnet designs:
Ph: Onix Noir
Location: Telrunya Winter
I´m wearing a sexy satin red dress with black little flowers embrodery from AZUL.  The feather stole is perfect for winter and it gives me a very sophisticated look. Black shoes from Sonnata Morales and  The Scare My Silly Event ruby jewelry are classic details that make the outfit look perfect.
Dress and Stole:
-AZUL- Iolanda

Sonatta Morales *8*– Marion Shoes

Scare Me Silly Event – Bathory Ruby earrings and Necklace

enVOGUE HAIR – Clarissa

Vintage – Elsa Schiaparelli

Somehow when I rezzed for the first time on SL, I already knew what I wanted to be: a MODEL
The Dallas Modelling Academy gave my the opportunity to begin my studies.

Today, I´m preparing myself for my Final Exam.

The exam has two parts, the first one is a Vintage Style using Elsa Schiaparelli for inspiration.
After reading and searching the web, I found this beautiful sketch made by the designer.

Vintage Style:
It refers to clothes from a previous era. Generally speaking, it refer to clothes from 1920´s to 20 years before present day is considered vintage.

Ph: Onix Noir
Location: Paris 1900
I’m wearing an exquisite black satin dress with golden stones embroidery from the Eleseren Brianna Collection by Sonatta Morales and black long gloves from Sweet Thing that make me look like a Hollywood Star from the ’20s. The jewelry is from Chop Zuey, a set made of champagne and white diamonds in 24K Italian Gold.

Sonatta Morales *8*  – Eleseren Brianna Collection – Shanghai

Sweet Thing – Madame Laveau Gloves

CHOP ZUEY – Love Speak Low Earrings and Necklace

Sonatta Morales *8*– Adora

Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Mytical Fae Forest and the Enchanted Garden of Tranquility in Elvenshire, you can find beautiful magical creatures.
On your way, you can meet with this cheerful fawn, that goes around the forest and plays underneath the mushrooms. This Fawn brings joy and will make you feel that you are inside a Fairy Tale. Enjoy!
Ph: Onix Noir
Location: Elvenshire

Boudoir -Let’s Have Some Fawn ! 

Calla Lilies

Looking for my inspiration pic for this DMA homework, I remembered Diego Rivera´s paintings.
Diego Rivera was a mexican painter, his wife was Frida Kahlo.
I always like the  flower vendor girl with calla lilies. Can´t tell why, but I really love this piece. 
The flowers, the girl, makes my feel at home and somehow, it gives me peace.

This painting, specially the flowers and the colour green, were the key stone for my outfit.
So, for this evening gown, I´m wearing a beautiful green dress from Ghee. The hat is the femenine touch to match it. The all outfit make my feel elegant and chic.
I add REING shoes to complete it.
Ph: Onix Noir
Location: Elvenshire

Ghee Tamara Vert Gown – Windlight Ghee Collection
REIGN.- Vero Heels

Holy cow!

Holy Cow! is exactly what I thought when I received the assignment to make a styling inspired in Andy Warhol.

I started digging using google and I found amazing art made by him. Also I took a look to the Andy Warhol Fashion.

I kept thinking “HOLY COW” inside my head, his art is so colourful and full of life that awakes my senses.

One particular piece took my attention, don´t ask me why, it just did. 
So I decided to use it as my inspiration pic.

Andy Warhol – Cows

Once all the ideas were inside my head, I needed good stores to start searching for the perfect outfit.

With some lindens on my pocket, great advise from a friend, the search begun.

I´m not going to reveal how much time was I shopping, but I can say that shopping is one of the most relaxing things on life.

Holy Cow! Yes, I found the perfect clothes, jewelry, hair and makeup to give birth to the Andy Warhol Fashion Styling. 

Be my guest and enjoy it!

I´m wearing a sexy yellow assimetrical short dress from Virtual Diva. The dress has a very modern pattern with red, blue, white and black colours. It fits perfectly and accentuate my body. I choose Euphoria high heels from KC. They make your legs look very femenine and long. The jewelry is from two different stores, the earring are from Ghee, they give me the perfect 80s touch and the red bangles from Night Owl Designs create a wonderful set. To complete the style, I have light red hair from enVogue and a very colourful makeup from Veechi, }RC{, *GA* and SlackGirl that makes my face looks gorgeous.
Virtual Diva – Closer


GHEE – mod slicker

enVOGUE HAIR – Clarissa

::SlankGirl:: Sun
Veechi – Flat Mattes
}RC{ Simple inner eyeliners
*GA* Gaeline Creations Makeup Smoky Eyes

I hope you enjoy my journey into Andy Warhol Fashion as much as I did.


Haute Couture – Style for DMA Lvl 3 (Homework)

Onix Noir is wearing a sexy and luxurious emerald green gown. The deep cleavage and the tropical green pattern emphasize her figure, which makes her look unique and fierce. To complete this dress, she is wearing one of the girls best friends: diamonds
Scare Me Silly Jezebel Gown – Emerald

Donna Flora ADELE diamonds set

Petite Mort-Bella stilleto pump

booN Lab.004