A bride has the experience of being an Angel on her way to the altar. Onix Noir was inspired in this concept when creating this styling.
Onix Noir is wearing the Guardian Gown from Virtual Diva Couture. She chose Wings and feathers created by Celestina’s Wedding. Onix has a beautiful silver headband by Minimal and the The Wild Swans Diamonds by Chop Zuey. She completed the styling with Sophie eyeshadows and Babygirl lisptick, both from her own brand, ALMA Makeup. She is also wearing the Essential Pale Nail polish from Alme.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Guardian Gown
CW – Protective of Woman Wings and feathers

Minimal – Elsa Headband
Chop Zuey – MVW The Wild Swans Earrings
Chop Zuey – MVW The Wild Swans Bracelets

Tableau Vivant – Mood

ALMA Makeup – Sophie (eyeshadows)
ALMA Makeup – Babygirl (lipsticks)
Alme. – Essential Pale B (nail polish)



MISS VIRTUAL DIVA – Official Presentation

MISS VIRTUAL DIVA - Onix Noir - Official Presentation

I´m wearing the Succulent Gown, it was made with the Elite Gown by Virtual Diva and the Secret MVD ornaments. I completed the outfit with the Hydra Rings by Absolut Vendetta, the Honey Whiskey hair by Magika, the All Blacks eyelines and Paez lipsticks by ALMA Makeup. The nail polish is Windlight by Alme.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Elite Gown
Virtual Diva – Secret MVD
Absolut Vendetta – Hydra Rings
Magika – Honey Whiskey Hair
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks (eyeliners)
ALMA Makeup – Paez (lipsticks)
Alme. – Windlight nails

Why did you choose that name for your gown?
I name the Gown Succulent beacause the little silver flowers I did have a shape similar to this plants.

What was your inspiration?

I was inspired by Emma Robert dress at the Golden Glodes 2018. The dress is very simple and beautiful, so I decided to add some silver ornaments. To do so I edited the Secret MVD that came in the box and create flowers with it and use a metallic texture on them. I added the ornaments on the upper part of the dress and my hair.





"Fight fire with fire"

Virtual Diva – Doll Couture dress
Virtual Diva – Geisha Headpiece (SWANK September)
Runaway – May Hair
Izzie’s – Short Leather Gloves
Chop Zuey – Mblieu Mblieu Necklace and bracelet
ALMA Makeup – Harley eyeshadow (black) (Gotham Island, Events for Parkinson)
The Geisha headpiece from Virtual Diva Couture comes in 5 colours: Carmin, Gold, Silver, Sky and Onyx. It can be found at SWANK Event September Round.

Swank: click here

Block lipstick for Catwa and Lelutka heads is an applier from ALMA Makeup. It comes with 8 lipsticks
Block is availabe at SCALA Yin Yang September Round.

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Harley from ALMA Makeup is one of the October´s new arrivals. It will be available at Events for Parkinson from October 1st tru 31 at Gotham Island. The sales of this makeup during the event will be 100% donated to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

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Just Me…

Virtual Diva – Closer dress
enVOGUE Hair – Britney
Absolute Vendetta – Hydra Bento Rings
ALMA Makeup – Laura eyeshadows 
ALMA Makeup – CROIX lipstick

Pose: Virtual Diva – Wild Poses

The Closer dress from Virtual Diva can be found at SWANK Event August Round.

SWANK: click here

Croix lipsticks from ALMA Makeup are an exclusive for The Darkness Montly Event. They are available for Lelutka and Catwa heads.

The Darkness Monthly Event: click here

ALMA Makeup has a new satellite store at the PosESioN sim, it opened a couple of days ago. You can take a look to it and grab this metallic red lipsticks for Catwa and Lelutka, they are a gift.

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Secret Garden

Virtual Diva – Reborn Dress
Virtual Diva – Reborn Hair Dress
Runway – May hair
Absolute Vendetta – Hydra Bento Rings
ALMA Makeup – Bad Romance (lipstick and eyeshadow)

Reborn Dress and Hair Dress from Virtual Diva can be found at SWANK Event July
Swank Event: Click here

Virtual Diva Mainstore: click here

Bad Romance from ALMA Makeup is 35%OFF at The Avenue August Event.
This makeup applier is compatible with Catwa and Lelutka heads. It comes with 5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks. The colour included are: Red, Burnt Orange, Purple, Mossy Green and Dark Grey.

Plum lipstick for Catwa and Lelutka heads is a free gift from ALMA Makeup that you can find at The Avenue Event.

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Blog: www.onixnoir.blogspot.com
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/onixnoirargentina/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OnixNoir.Argentina

Green Wings

Virtual Diva – Garden Fantasy Angels

Chop Zuey – Mbielu Bracelets and Ear Cuffs

Nailed It – Modern Diva Set

Magika – Which With

ALMA Makeup – Red vs Pink Eyeshadow
ALMA Makeup – Dark Romance Lipstick 

The Garden Fantasy Angels outfit can be found at Virtual Diva Couture Maintore: click here

Red vs Pink are 3 red lipsticks and 3 pink ones, each one with a perfect eyeshadow to fit it. You can always mix and match the different eyeshadows with your favourite lipstick.
The month theme “Night/Day”, inspired this makeup because I think that you can “Red your Nights and Pink your Days”.
Red vs Pink is compatible with Catwa and Lelutka heads.

Find Red vs Pink at Scala – Yin Yang June Round click here
Exclusive for Swank June Round
Dark Romance for Lelutka and Catwa heads comes with 5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks. The colour included are: Red, Burnt Orange, Purple, Mossy Green and Dark Grey.

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Sunset in the garden

Virtual Diva – Grazia

Chop Zuey – The Wild Swans Bracelet
Chop Zuey – The Wild Swans Earrings

booN – 004

ALMA Makeup – Cindy Eyeshadows

An Lar [poses] – The Jessie Series

The Grazia dress from Virtual Diva is exclusive for Swank Event June.

Cindy eyeshadows for Lelutka, Catwa and Akeruka heads from ALMA Makeup, are 35%OFF only at The Avenue until June 20th.

Also you can find An Lar [poses] with special discounts at The Avenue June Round.

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