MVD – Final – Part 2


Inspiration: Why this Gown represents the brand?
For this styling, I inspired  in art and nature. The colour white is classy and feminine, the yellow and a bit of red, shows the passion of life and make the gown a piece of art.
It represent the brand, because Virtual Diva Couture gowns are artistic and very unique. As I said before, they are a piece of art and in each collection you can see creativity and the influence of modern, contemporary and barroque art.

I´m wearing the L’Amore Lace top and the Petal Penumbra Gown skirt  by Virtual Diva Couture. The heels are the Scarlet Spiked Platforms by Moda and the jewelry is the Tres Fleurs set by Chop Zuey. I choose Kandy eyeshadows, Luv lipsticks and Shades of Gold blush from ALMA Makeup that are perfect for this styling. I completed the outfit with Glittering Heights by Vanity Hair.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – L´Amore Lace top
Virtual Diva – Petal Penumbra Gown Skirt
MODA – Scarlet Spiked Platforms
Chop Zuey – Tres Fleurs Choker
Chop Zuey – Tres Fleurs Earrings
Chop Zuey – Tres Fleurs Bracelts
Vanity Hair – Glittering Heights
ALMA Makeup – Kandy eyeshadow
ALMA Makeup – Luv lipstick
ALMA Makeup – Shades of Gold Blush



MVD – Final – Part 1

The Fantasy Angels

I inspired in the streght of Nature, the flower’s perfurm relax your body and make you feel sexy and beautiful.

I´m wearing the Queen Lingerie and Wings from Virtual Diva Couture. The Sakura head dress by Boudour make the perfect match for this styling. I completed the outfit with Eden Arm Vines by Caverna Oscura, the Mblielu necklabe by Chop Zuey, Kendal Heels by Reign and Dangerous Woman hair by Flix x Besson.
The makeup is from my own brand, ALMA Makeup, I´m wearing All Blacks eyeliners and Sweet lipsticks.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Queen Lingerie
Virtual Diva – Queen Wings
Boudouir – Sakura head dress
Caverna Oscura – Eden Arm Vines
Reign – Kendall Heels
Chop Zuey – Mblielu Necklace
Flite x Beson – Dangerous Woman Hair
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks
ALMA Makeup – Sweet Lipsticks



MVD – 2nd Challenge

Hollywood Golden Age

My styling is inspired in Audrey Hepburn black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
I´m wearing the Hope Gown Couture in Crow colour. The long gloves are from Sweet Thing. The necklace is called Falkor by MINIMAL. Also I´m wearing the Tres Fleurs Choker by Chop Zuey as a tiara. The hair is from booN and the makeup is from my own brand, ALMA Makeup. I choose the All Blacks eyeliners and Fall lipsticks to match this elegant styling. To complete the ensemble I have the cigarette and holder by Kunst.

Styling Info:

Virtual Diva – Hope Gown Couture
Sweet Thing – Madame Laveau Gloves
Chop Zuey – Tres Fleurs Choker (short)
MINIMAL – Falkor Necklace
booN – Lab.004 Hair
Kunst – Cigarrette and Holder
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks eyeliners
ALMA Makeup – Fall


                               Onix Noir

OOTD – June 15th

Styling Info:

Ghee – Farrah Top
Ghee – Farrah Hotpants
Ghee – Rickrack Wedges
Ghee – Daisy Shades
Ghee – Treat Jewelry
ALMA Makeup – Fall lipsticks

The Farrah Top and Hotpants, the Daisy Shades and the Treat Jewelry ara available at Vintage Fair from June 8th to 24th.
The Rickrack Wedges can be found at Designer Showcase from June 5th – 30th.

Fall Lipstick by ALMA Makeup are available in the Mainstore and Satellite Store at Posesion’s Sim.

Vintage Fair: click here

Designer Showcase: click here

Ghee Mainstore: click here

ALMA Mainstore: click here

ALMA at Posesion, Zen Soul: click here



MISS SL ♛ 2018 – Finale – Part 3

Miss SL Argentina believes that fashion is art, that in every styling you can express yourself and make artistic stylings. For the Virtual Diva Couture Designer Angel Kristan, fashion is art too. Angel Kristan was inspired on the Postmoderm Baroque Fashion to give birth to this unique custom piece of art for Miss SL Argentina, the Duchesse Gown.

Miss SL Argentina is wearing the Duchesse Gown by Virtual Diva Couture.
She is also wearing the Tres Fleurs Set by Chop Zuey and the hair is Raindrops from Vanity Hair. Miss SL Argentina makeup is Shades of Gold eyeshadows and blush with Babygirl lipsticks, both of them from her own brand ALMA. Her manicure is the Fall Palette from Alme.


Onix Noir: ” Miss SL 2018 has to be creative, talented and perseverant. Creative beacause she has to be able to develop new and unique ideas, not only in Fashion, also in every aspect of life. Talented goes together to being creative. The talent let you transform an idea and make it happen, it lets you improve and learn anything you want to achive. And finally but not least, Perseverant. A person who has perseverance is able to overcome to anything bad and transform it into something good. A Perseverant person is not going to give up and will keep trying until she get sucessful in life.
Miss SL 2018 can support Fashion Industry through teaching and trainning new models, sponsoring and modelling in Fashion Shows and Events. She will be able to do it by herlself, however, it will be amazing if she can do it supporting The Miss SL Organization. Miss SL 2018 also can create and devolpe her own brand following the Real Life Trends.
Thank you so much for the question Marcus”


Styling Info:

Duchesse Gown – Virtual Diva Couture (Custom Made)
Chop Zuey – Tres Fleurs Necklace, Earrings and Bracelts
Vanity Hair – Raindrops
Alme. – Fall Palette II Nailpolish
ALMA Makeup – Shades of Gold eyeshadow and blush
ALMA Makeup – Babygirl lipsticks


Special Thank you to Angel Kristan, owner and designer of Virtual Diva Couture. She made this beautiful and unique gown for me. It was amazing to have you next to me on this journey.

Thanks Marcus Wisser, Rissa Bolissima, Venom Zanzibar, Hikaru Enimo,  Saian Langer and all Miss SL Staff, I couldn´t have done it without your help and support.

Also special mention and thank you to my friend Sophia Paez, she was with me from the beggining, she helped and supported me during these months.




MISS SL ♛ 2018 – Final – Part 2

Victoria Secret Challenge

The Tanqueray Passion by Giz Seorn is a sexy glitter bodysuit that reminds you to the 1920 glamour. The feathers on the silk ornament around the body and on the headdress are a perfect touch to highlight femininity and elegance.
Miss SL Argentina was inspired in the beauty and sensuality of the Victoria Secret´s Angel Adriana Lima to create this styling.

Miss SL Argentina is wearing the Tanqueray Passion Lingerie by Giz Seorn and Block Platforms by David Heather. She is also wearing the Tender Fantasy Wings by Virtual Diva Couture and her jewelry are the Nitty Ka Necklace and Bracelets by Chop Zuey. The hair is Naomi by Phoenix and her nails are Vision by SlackGirl. Miss SL Argentina completed the styling with All Blacks eyeliner and Trixie Lipsticks, both of her own brand ALMA Makeup.

Styling Info:

Giz Seorn – Tanqueray Passion Lincerie
Giz Seorn – Tanqueray Passion Head Feathers
David Heather – Block Platforms
Virtual Diva – Tender Fantasy Wings
Chop Zuey – Nitty Ka Necklace and Bracelets
Phoenix Hair – Naomi Hair
SlackGirl – Vision Mesh Nails
ALMA Makeup – All Blacks eyeliner
ALMA Makeup – Trixie Lipsticks